Elvstrøm Sails UK

Boatwork Ltd announced as agent for Elvstrøm Sails UK

Elvstrøm Sails is one of the world’s largest sail lofts, established in 1954 by four times Olympic medallists Paul Elvstrøm.  With a pedigree in high performance, Elvstrøm aims to produce the best sail for every type of sailing and sailboat.

Elvstrøm invests in developing new technologies, creating and using modern materials and employ the world’s best sail designers.

We operate as one of Elvstrøm Sails growing network of UK agents. We can offer the full portfolio of Elvstrøm Sails products and highly durable fabrics, provide advice and suggestions on what to buy for your sailing, and measurement services. Working with the back up of Elvstrøm means we can expand our range of services too.

Jeremy White, manager of Elvstrøm Sails UK based in Hamble says “We are delighted to be working with Boatwork Ltd as one of UK Agents and to have a base in the Midlands region.  We will be providing full support from our UK Hamble office and Danish headquarters across our full range of products and services.”

About Elvstrøm Sails UK

For over 60 years Elvstrøm Sails have developed a unique expertise driven by the experience of high performing sailors and sail designers, and Paul Elvstrøm their legendary founder. Elvstrøm takes great pride in using its knowhow for your quality cruising and racing.

For Elvstrøm Sails every sail is unique, tailor-made for you, with a fundamental recognition that every moment on the water counts. That’s whether you are cruising and savouring precious moments with family and friends, or weekend racing where every second counts towards achieving your moment of glory.

You can rest assured that Elvstrøm Sails have an eye for detail. Leaving you to enjoy your cruise, or focus on your race, with total confidence.

Elvstrøm Sails UK is the British subsidiary of Elvstrøm Sails DK. The full service loft is headed by Jeremy White who brings many years of sail making experience, from America’s Cup to dinghy sailing projects to the loft.

….When every moment counts

Key Elvstrøm Sails Products

Innovation underpins Elvstrøm Sails products and we offer a wide range of sails for a breadth of sailing activities. Whether it is weekend coastal cruising, blue water long-distance voyages, racing round the cans or across the oceans, we have the combinations of fabrics and designs to ensure the right sail for you.

EPEX is Elvstrøm’s highly durable, long lasting laminated membrane technology, used by racing sailors and serious cruisers around the World.  EPEX is the only membrane that comes with a full warranty.

Fat Furl main sails are a revolution in furling mainsails.  Using vertical batten technology, your mainsail can carry more roach and improve your speed and efficiency. Easy to handle and reefing at a push of a button Fat Furl sails are made from EPEX so are extremely stable and durable too.

The Furlstrom is a particularly handy downwind sail. With the performance of a gennaker and the handling of a genoa it has a straighter luff and flatter cut for easy pointing.  It’s easy to handle too and simply rolls away.