Marine Spray – Spray Painting & Clear Finishes

Over time the gelcoat topsides of boats can fade and become dull. Maintaining the gel coat of your vessel is of utmost importance but at some stage whether due to the gelcoat becoming thin through repeated compounding, your own personal choice or if your boat already has an existing paint finish it will require painting / re-painting.This involves sanding back, spot filling any minor imperfections, applying an epoxy primer, sanding back again to ensure a smooth finish, filling, fairing and finally applying a top gloss coating.

Our paint shop at Boatwork Ltd and the mobile paint spray / workshop  can cater for yachts and motor boats, working with some of the world’s best marine paint brands, we are able to offer a high level of expertise and service on all types of boats.

Additionally Boatwork Ltd can provide a mobile preparation and application service at the boat yard where your craft is located. Boatwork Ltd are equipped to spray finish vessels on site within their own mobile paint spray shop, provided permission from the yard owner is granted.  No matter which paint system is most suited to your needs, we can offer the attention to detail that will achieve the most from the product.

Finishing services include:

Pre-paint filling and fairing

High quality spray application gloss finishing

Compounding and polishing of gelcoat and paints

Individual and multiple component work undertaken

Varnishing and clear finishes