New Builds

Boatwork can undertake or assist in the building of your dream craft, from the lofting of the plans through to the application of the final finishes.

Specialising in the use of WEST SYSTEM and two pack spray application finishes we utilise the best product and best practice for each task – thereby ensuring craftsmanship results.

Strip planking using western red cedar is a method ideal for kayaks and canoes as well as sailing craft. With this method you are able to shape almost any curve creating craft that are very pleasing to the eye. The planking is sheathed inside and out with a glass cloth and epoxy becoming in effect a core. Utilising different hardeners in the epoxy there is also the option of a clear finish highlighting the grain and colours of the strips.

Glued clinker method involves the overlapping of plywood planks which are epoxied glued along the laps. The clinker method has been used in boatbuilding for centuries traditionally using copper nails and roves – basically creating copper rivets. The planking of a glued clinker build amplifies the curve and shape of the hull producing an attractive traditional look.