Grey Falcon – Epoxy Sheathing

One of the things I enjoy about living the dream is in that I am fortunate to meet and work alongside some really interesting and creative people – have a look at a beautiful boat in the making…which we assisted in the application of the WEST SYSTEM

“Dear Mark and Julie

What can I say! We had a brilliant weekend, and being a hundred years older than you, both we are now recovering and doing nothing for the week!

The boat looks fabulous and I want to thank you, Mark, for your expertise and knowledge not to mention pure hard work. It was also really nice to have the very pleasant company at my studio, a luxury I rarely get. It has all made me more enthusiastic to get the boat finished so we can all get out and enjoy it. Lyme Regis launch I hear you say?

Many many thanks again for such a pleasurable weekend.

Very best wishes to you both.

D & S”