Built in the 1990’s JABBERWOCKY after spending a number of years in Spain came to us with hull damage and the exterior suffering from extensive UV degradation to the finishes and underlying epoxy.

The new owner specified that the repairs to the hull were to be seamless, requested that a new control console to be manufactured and the exterior timber to be a uniformed colour, epoxied and finished in a clear paint system – once we completed the repairs we finished by applying 6 coats of Durapox followed by Awlcraft 2000 – Awlgrip.

After JABBERWOCKY’s first season on the water we received the following from the owner:

“Hi Mark,
Boat came out of the water today and it goes to Impact in Carnforth/Lancs on Saturday to have the final work completed in September.
Just wanted to again say thanks for the recommendation & all the wonderful work you did on Jabberwocky.
I’ve enclosed a couple of photos snaps taken today, and as you can see she is an absolute show-stopper.
If you ever need a recommendation for the web-site or a reference for a new customer, then please don’t hesitate to ask.
This summer I have had no end of complements about the boat, so thanks again for a super job.
It really was a pleasure working with you Mark.