BTC-22 Sailing Yacht

 Versatile, Affordable and Exhilarating


Whether you’re looking to move up from dinghy sailing, downsizing from a larger craft or just looking for a family cruiser, the BTC-22 is the perfect choice. This functional sailing boat is equally at home spending its time river cruising with the family, taking part in fleet races or single handed day tripping up and down the coast. And because it can be loaded onto a trailer and towed, there’s no limit to where you can take it.

The BTC-22 is an affordable sailing boat that’s designed for people that have a passion for sailing and want the freedom to take their boat wherever they want and avoid expensive mooring costs.

  • 3 – 4 berths with WC, small galley unit and dining area
  • Deck and cabin layout can be designed and built to requirements
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Made in the UK
  • Trail-able letting owners easily transport the boat to new locations
  • Can be used for inshore sailing on lakes and reservoirs

Sailing made simple

The BTC-22 is aimed at those, who are passionate about sailing but, who may not have the time necessary for running a larger vessel.

This small yacht provides a great way for sailors to enjoy the benefits of sailing without the time or money commitments of a larger yacht. And because it features a swinging / lifting keel it is easy to transport on a trailer and take wherever you want.

Designed to be easy to sail the BTC-22 can be used single-handed and will suit any age of sailor. With a fractional rig, a conventional sailing plan, twin rudders and a swing keel, the deck plan has been designed to take advantage of modern trimming systems. This means that you can sail more efficiently and enjoy the exhilaration of exploring new waters.



LOA 6.81 metres
BOA 2.5 metres
LWL 6.5 metres
Draft ‘T’ 1.4 m
Displacement 1.1 tonnes
Rig Type Fractional
SA Upwind 28 sq. m
Fuel 12 litres
Fresh Water 20 litres
Engine 5 hp Outboard
Naval Architect Buckley Yacht Design
Interior Design / Styling Buckley Yacht Design


So whether you’re looking for a simple sailing yacht for the family, an exciting day tripper for the weekends or a fleet racer for the summer months, contact us to arrange a test sail on the BTC-22 and discuss your expectations.

Sail away price from £29950.00 excluding VAT

BTC-22 (Buckley Trailer Cruiser 22)